Visa Assistance

Visa Assistance

We offer professional and value-enhanced services to help you out with visa related queries ensuring that you have a truly enriching travel experience. Kites Tour and Travels has a full-fledged department to ensure proper documentation, and quick hassle-free processing of passport/ visas to any country. We have been highly regarded as one of the best in the industry in terms of delivering a timely and dedicated visa service to our customers. We provide ample advice and assistance in helping you gain the visa you require. We also specialize in Group visas required by smaller or larger groups. For information on how to get the best visa assistance contact us to enquire and learn more about visa assistance like -


Saudi Arabia business visa

Saudi Arabia work visit visa

Saudi Arabia family visit visa

Saudi Arabia employment visa / wakala

Saudi Arabia umrah visa

Qatar visit visa

Dubai business visa

Dubai work visit visa

Dubai visit visa and many more

Visa Stamping

Kuwait Residence or Employment Visa Stamping

Saudia Arabia Visa Stamping

UAE Visa Stamping

Certificate Attestation

Kites Tour And Travels Services is a pioneer company for Certificate Attestation. We assure 100% genuine attestation on all the certificates at very competitive rates better than the market. We have earned the Kites Tour And Travels many of our customers. Certification attestation is required when a person from India goes abroad for job. Then his certificates have to authenticate by that country’s consulate or embassy. Attestation procedure depends on the type of certificate and the destination country.

Educational Certificate Attestation

Non-Educational Certification Attestation

Online Application for GCC Medical Centre

Saudi Medical centre

UAE Medical centre

Bahrain Medical centre

Qatar Medical centre

Oman Medical centre

Center For GCC Approved medical centres in India
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