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Kites Tour and Travels Providing Domestic and International Air Ticketing. We serve the fast facility of air ticketing to any destination all over the world for both our national and international clients. We are associated member of IATA (Accredited Member of International Air Transport Association)

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Flight Tickets

Domestic Flight Tickets in India

India has been witnessing acceleration in the travel industry because of the privatization that happened in alignment with the globalization. With symbiotic linkage between growth in standards of living and technological advancement, a lot of people started flying between cities for both private and professional purposes.The domestic destinations and domestic flights have been well built in order to accommodate people for businesses, luxury and leisure purposes.

As a result, all the cities in India are connected through Domestic flights in a network. Unlike the older era, where traveling is considered to be a cumbersome affair, today the domestic flights have been increased with more number of airlines being established day by day

International Flight Booking

International flight booking has became a lot easier these days with the help of online travel portals. We had a time where we see the air transportation as a wonder. If we notice, we can observe that at least one person from each Indian family who travels internationally for different purposes. In the beginning, air transportation was mainly used for International journey and international fight booking was higher than domestic. The number of international air travelers and airline ticketing for international sectors are increasing day by day due to globalization, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), international tourism, lack of time to depend on other travel facilities like ship etc., International business, increasing number of expatriates and travel writing etc.

Few years back the situation was different, people used to depend on ships for intercontinental travels and it was more time consuming. It took weeks and months to reach in the destination. In this busy living schedule people do not have that much time and patience to spend, so people began to choose flight traveling as it is time efficient. These days the number of leisure travelers is also increasing as we have a large number of people who have a lot of disposable income. Efficient and skilled tour operator, travel agent or airline personnel convert these types of prospective customers in to clients. Now a day's people have much enhanced earning and they are capable and willing to spend for comfort and leisure activities and Airlines are offering tickets in cheap rates and offering deals more regularly because of the tight market and competition. This is also one of the reasons for increased International flight booking.


As an operator offering a host of services,you want your travelers to have the best experience possible. Manage their flights and stay through technology that makes every process simplified.As a Group traveler you'd wish to know in advance who all you share common interests with and plan things accordingly which mostly happens after you reach the destination.

A whole new world of travel choices and planning opens up for the traveller in you. Discover every aspect of your trip plan, engage with people who have been there before and connect with service providers for every element in your itinerary

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